European Immigration

Why is Europe allowing the immigration of Muslims at such a rapid pace?  This is not American “melting pot” immigration, because they are not willing to adopt Western culture or religion.  Most of the Muslims who move to Europe are retaining their beliefs as well as dominating the area where they live with Islamic culture.  While there are many reasons one could point to, one has been neglected: the lack of a Christian confession.  The difference between Europe then and now is that during the late Middle Ages the continent was actively Christian.  By Christian I don’t mean they wandered in a church building once a month; they knew what they believed and why they believed it.  The differences between the Allah of the Koran and the God of the Bible were clear.  To allow the Muslims to invade was not an option because they understood the theological and cultural consequences involved.

With modern Europe worshiping the god of secularism, the need to distinguish between beliefs is unnecessary.  Without the iron gate of a Christian confession (and the hearts to match it), no one should be surprised at modern Europe’s enlightened reaction.


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